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Plan your Safari

Pack your bags we're going on an African Safari

Shots & Vaccinations

Travelling to South Africa does not require any vaccinations.

We do recommend getting some Malaria medication from your nearest drug store just for in case, but we do advice our clients not to have it prior to their safari.

We have had situations where people that took the medication prior to their got Malaria and it was undetectable due to the existing anti bodies they had of the medication.

What to expect 

When arriving in South Africa your first stop will be O.R Thambo International airport. 

Ourselves or our shuttle service will be waiting for you at arrivals and will be assistance from the airport all the way to the reserve.

Passport & Visa

If you are a visitor from UK, Australia, Japan, the USA, Finland, Germany, Sweden, or Western Europe you do not require a visa to enter South Africa. If you are a visitor that is not entitled to an entry permit, you must arrange a visa at the South African Embassy that is found in most countries. Upon arrival, a free entry permit will be issued that is valid for 90 days. Make sure your passport is still valid for 6 months or longer, with at least two blank pages available.

Packing your bags

Packing your bags and planning your first African Safari can be overwhelming but nothing to worry about. We put together a packing check list you can download to ensure you don't forget anything.

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We offer a variety of extra activities for our non-hunters & observers.

From relaxing at our beautiful pool, travelling about our beautiful national parks to exploring our local restaurants. 

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