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Dangerous Game 

Experience a true African hunt, hunting Africa's dangerous game on foot.

Dangerous Species

Hunt a wide variety of dangerous game from Cape Buffalo, Hippopotamus, Lion, Crocodile, Elephant and  Leopard to Rhino. 

permits required

In order to hunt most dangerous game animals except Cape Buffalo a special permit needs to be issued in the hunters name in order to hunt & export it internationally.

Please note that Brown Hyena, Leopard, Lion & Elephant is not exportable from South Africa to the United States.

Professional Guidance

Hunt with ease at heart,  guided by a well experiencesd & qualified Big 5 outfitter and professional hunters with years of experience that will guide you every step of the way on all dangerous game hunts.

Cape Buffalo

We offer great quality of Cape Buffalo to be hunted on foot in the Mopanie thicket and along the Sandriver.

We recommend .375 and bigger calibers to hunt Cape buffalo.

Bufallo can cover 15 meters (49ft) per second at full speed.

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Hunting Hippo on land might be one of the best hunting experiences in Africa but it rarely happens. You can expect a frontal or side tennis ball brain shot in the water. 

Hippo can cover 12 meters (39ft) per second at full speed.


We offer Lion hunting on foot, be sure to pack some good walking shoes due to long distances to be walked when tracking Lion.

Lion can cover 19 meters (62ft) per second at full speed.



Free roaming elephant hunting can be arranged on our Zimbabwean conservancies with ivory ranging from but not limited to approximately 30-45 pounds. 

Elephant can cover 11 meters (36ft) per second at full speed.


Nile Crocodile

Hunting wild crocodile hunting will require a lot of patience locating one of these ancient creatures in the wild waters of Africa.

When in luck the opportunity to hunt one on land will arise.


We offer Leopard hunting in our Zimbabwean & Mozambican conservancies, due to insufficient issuing of hunting permits in South Africa.

Leopard can cover 22 meters (72ft) per second at full speed.

I don't care a damn about these people who can split a pea at 300 yards.

What I want to know is how good is he on a charging buffalo at six feet?



- Philip Percival -

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