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Bow Hunting

Set your sight on your favourite animal and put your archery skills to the test.


African game often tend to withstand an  arrow hit for a longer time before expiring than in most game from other countries.

Therefore the perfect shot placement is essential. 

We recommend practicing at home on  a 3D or 2D bud at any distance from 15-45 yards.

Range & Pounds

Depending on your hitlist the minimum pounds required to hunt African smaller plainsgame is 45 pounds. If you are interested in hunting bigger game we do recommend 60+ pounds.

Most of our blinds & stands offers opportunities anything from 10 to 45 yards.

Blinds & Stands

For our bow-hunting clients we have 4 pit blinds overlooking man-made watering holes as well as 4 tree stands and 2 elevated box-stands overlooking natural springs.


There's no legal documentation regarding bringing your bow into South Africa, make sure that your bow case is locked.

You can collect your bow at the oversized luggage department and head straight to customs.


We offer trophy bow hunting all year round but we recommend our winter season for outstanding bow hunting opportunities on both trophy and cull hunting animals.

Our winter season starts from Mid-May to Mid-September.

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