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Rick, his father, Kuda and Pilane along with Cooper the tracking dog.


Rick is a 4th generation hunter and outfitter and has been gratefully influenced from a very young age by his father Johan Wolvaardt who was a well-known outfitter in the Limpopo province since 1978.

Rick was born in the local town Musina and he was raised on his fathers hunting Ranches where his mother and father had their own outfit. He learned from a young age to live and breathe the African air.

At the age of 6 in 1999 Rick kicked off his hunting career by hunting his first warthog on foot, this ensured for his deep roots in the African Bushveld and he already knew at that young age that he never will quit hunting.

Since then it has been one hunting adventure after the other.

RW Safaris International is based on their privately owned, family operated hunting ranch in the Limpopo province of South Africa.

Rick is well-known by many fellow hunters in the area and across the world for his great knowledge of the bush as well as his outstanding hunting and tracking skills.

It has been his life long dream to guide hunters from across the world to experience hunting Africa, Rick has hunted & guided over 120 Buffalo, 24 Elephant and numerous other dangerous game as well as plains game animals in his career.

To this day he offers over 25 species to be hunted on 100,000 + acres in South Africa and he also offers free-ranging hunting concessions in Zimbabwe and Mozambique.


Rick's Grandfather. (Oupa Basie Wolvaardt)

Sitting on a problem  Elephant that he hunted in Zimbabwe in his younger days. 


Rick's Father. (Johan Wolvaardt)

Johan with two Cape Buffalo that charged him in  along with two trackers.


Rick Wolvaardt at the age of 12 with his first Eland Trophy that he hunter in Zimbabwe.



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Farm Dorothy | Messina | Limpopo Province | 0900 | South Africa


+27 76 894 7144


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