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Rifle Hunting

Put your favourite rifle to the test in the dark continent.

travelling with your rifle

You are  more than welcome to travel with your own rifle, please note that it will be accompanied with some paperwork and some extra time at the airport customs.

Please call the airline in advance for most of them have their own Formalities for carrying weapons. We would prefer a padded hard shell plastic or metal case that locks

Rifle Rent

If you choose not to travel with your own rifles we have the perfect rentals.

2 x .308 Rifles paired with Leupold Optics perfect for plainsgame hunting as well as 1 x .416 paired with Swarovski optics for dangerous game hunting.

Dealing with Customs

Please let us know in advance if you will be travelling with your own rifles. We will put you in contact with a declarations agent to assist you at the airport.

plainsgame calibers

We recommend no caliber smaller than a 

.308 for plainsgame hunting. This rifle has the perfect caliber to hunt from Duiker all the way to Sable

dangerous game calibers

We recommend no caliber smaller than a 

.375 and bigger for dangerous game.  Chances of shooting under pressure or in an uncomfortable is very high. Please make sure to practice at home to ensure that you are comfortable with your rifle.


Make sure you bring along no less than 20 round for each rifle. African game can be very swift in some cases you might have to use more than one round on a trophy.


Ethical Hunting

 RW Safaris International maintains a high standard of ethics and only practices fair chase hunts by means of "walk & stalk"  as well as "spot & stalk" tactics. 

Hunting from vehicle may be allowed for fellow hunters with physical challenges that prevents them from stalking on foot.

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South Africa

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