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rIFLE information

What rifle do I bring?

Rifles in 7mm to .30 caliber ranges with a good set of optics for plains game hunting are ideal. The hunter must bring what he/she feels comfortable with. The minimum caliber for Dangerous Game is 375 but any larger calibers will do the job e.g .458 and .416.

What documentation do I need to bring my rifle into South Africa?

A US 4457 Customs Form must be acquired and filled out before departure. Then upon arrival, once you collected your baggage from the carousel proceed to the airline’s baggage counter to collect your rifle. Once you have cleared customs proceed to the South African Police Service’s gun control counter and fill out the South African Police Service 520 in BLACK INK. Preferably pre-fill out this form. SAP will then issue you with a temporary import permit that must be kept safe until you leave the country then.

What shooting practice must I do?

Speed and Accuracy are very important when hunting in Africa. Most Professional Hunters use Shooting Sticks. Best shooting practice would be from shooting Sticks or from a kneeling or sitting position.

How should I travel with my rifle?

Please call the airline in advance for most of them have their own Formalities for carrying weapons. We would prefer a padded hard shell plastic or metal case that locks.
Download the South African Police Service 520 document in order to import your rifles. 
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