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Hunt the dark continent with us.
At RW Safaris International, our 12,000 acres provides over 25 highly sought after plains game species as well as Cape Buffalo to be hunted with rifle, handgun and bow.  We mainly cater for international hunting groups, no bigger than 10 people to ensure a personal hunt and relationship between the outfitter and hunter. 
Our trophy hunting seasons starts in January - November and our cull hunters are also more than welcome to book with us from
mid-May to mid-September.

At RW Safaris International we have have high standards of ethical hunting and we only practice fair chase hunting by means of a walk and stalk tactics.
Nothing beats the rush and heart pumping experience when you look through your rifle optic seconds before you pull the trigger on your first African animal.

Bow hunting

At RW Safaris International we have a very high standard of hunting ethics and we only hunt with rifle by means of a walk & stalk technique.
For our bow-hunting clients we have 4 pitted blinds overlooking man-made watering holes as well as 4 tree stands and 2 elevated box-stands overlooking natural springs.

We recommend a minimum of 45 pounds drawing weight for bow hunting.

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A typical day of hunting

Your day will begin at dawn with a cup of coffee, rusks & muesli while you and your PH plan your daily mission on what species you are after before setting out to the bush.

Along with your PH and tracker you will set out in pursuit of your quarry on foot, once you've spotted a potential trophy.

Towards the end of the morning you will return to camp for a late brunch or lunch and a siesta before heading out for the afternoon hunt. 

In some instances you might be out all day, a lunch will be packed and prepared in the bush by your PH. 

After a day's hunt we will head back to camp for a drink around the camp fire.

Dinner is prepared by one of our traditional chefs & depending on the days success, venison might be on the menu.

The evening is rounded of by dessert and a night cap before making our way to bed.

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Plainsgame Hunting

With a great diversity of plainsgame, you will have the opportunity to hunt a big variety of plainsgame from Impala, blue wildebeest, zebra to Kudu as well a many different plainsgame as well as tiny game in the Mopani thicket.

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Dangerous game hunting

Rick is a well experienced and registered big game outfitter and professional hunter that will guide you every step of the way, whether you will be hunting Cape Buffalo, Lion, Hippo or any of our other dangerous game species.

Our international Pricelist 

Ethical Hunting

RW Safaris maintains a high standard of ethics and only practices fair chase hunts by means of "walk & stalk"  as well as "spot & stalk" tactics. 

Depending on the hunt, bow hunters make use of our elevated tree stands or pitted blinds.

Rick Wolvaardt leads most of the hunts on our reserve and has been leading hunts in Southern Africa for over 15 years. Rick has an intuitive knowledge of hunting and a true love for the land he grew up on.

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